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Spective is a full-service eyewear organization that's home to a remarkable collection of social influencers, best-selling brands and corporate partners.


We understand that everyone’s goals are different, which is why our team of professionals is dedicated to working with you to create and execute your vision.

At Spective, our mission is to help you develop, nurture, and refine an eyewear offering that is tailor-made for your brand and audience. With our infrastructure and collective expertise in the areas of eyewear, social commerce, entertainment and technology, we bring a unique perspective to eyewear and consumer buying patterns.


Whether you’re looking to monetize the value created by your social influence, enrich your brand by delivering new products to your customers or create custom shades for an event, we’re here to help.

Meet The Team

Sean Alvarado

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Kevin Hundert

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Todd Kurihara

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Tom Larkin

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Home | Los Angeles, CA | | 844.732.8483

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